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Austrian SEO Oliver Hauser has blogged about a problem with the SEO Quake toolbar (article written in German) on Firefox 18 which was not existing in prior versions of Firefox.

He noticed that some of the buttons he added to the toolbar, such as those that link to the Sistrix toolbox, no longer worked after upgrading to version 18 of FF. But this problem is not limited to buttons he added to the toolbar, some of the default buttons like the Twitter and Facebook buttons also do not work. They simply do nothing.

He raised the issue with the SEOQuake team but they said they couldn’t reproduce the issue. This made me think that it could be a problem with non-English systems / browsers. So I fired up a fresh VM with Xubuntu I had recently installed and added the SEUQuake add-on to Firefox – which was still at version 16 at that time. Sure enough everything worked as expected – until I upgraded Firefox to version 18. So I am facing the same issue as Oliver on an English install of Ubuntu and Firefox 18.

When clicking on one of the faulty buttons, I get a message in the Javascript console saying:


Did anyone else notice this issue? Or even better, has a solution?

Update (14/Jan/2013):

Today I received a reply to my bug report from a Technical Specialist at SEOQuake:

Thank you for using Seoquake.
Unfortunately, at the present moment we have temporary problems with Seoquake version for Mozilla Firefox 18.0.
I apologize. It’s been brought up to our developers and they’re in the process of fixing it. Meantime, I’d like to advice you to use either earlier version of FF or Google Chrome.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

So I guess chances are good that a fix will be available soon.

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  1. I’m having issues with FireFox Version 21 and SEO Quake where it no longer shows the stats next to the icons along the toolbar. I’ve tried all the “how-to” fixes I can find on the web, still the same. Also, every time I re-boot my computer, FireBug disappears – is there inherent problems with add-ons and the latest version of FF??

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