SEO Ranking Factors 2012 – Infographic

UPDATE: Now also including an Image Search infographic.

Martin Missfeldt has created a fantastic infographic depicting Google’s ranking factors as he currently sees them.

Google Ranking factors infographic

Click on the graphic to get to Martin’s original blog post where you can download a bigger version of the infographic for printing and pinning it on your wall.

I especially like how he shows the assumed relationships between the ranking factors and their hierarchical nature. As much as I like Martin’s work, I still have some comments on it

  • I think that Trust and Authority are heavily influenced by incoming links which is not visible in the graphic.
  • While I am sure that the CTR in the SERPs is taken into account for ranking a page, I am unsure about the “Time on site” and “Bounce rate” factors. Without using Analytics data, Google can only measure the bounce rate by counting users who come back to the SERP shortly after having clicked a result. So bounce rate basically is the same as a short time on site. An indication of this is that on some Google properties, e.g., you can mark pages as “not helpful” when you drop back to the SERP too soon.
  • Freshness is quite a small bubble on Martin’s graphic. But Freshness especially is a factor which – in my opinion – has a huge influence on all ranking factors. The ranking of a newly published page will be heavily determined by onpage factors and trust and authority of the site. Then the social factors will kick in and in the long run backlinks will be needed to rank well. Maybe Martin will come up with an animated version that shows growing and shrinking bubbles 🙂

Anyway, the illustration will be printed and pinned onto the wall.

What do you think of this overview? Would you like to see something added? Or have the weightings changed?

SEO Image Ranking Factors

Google Image Search Ranking Factors





  1. wow, this is awesome, im a ppc person have been trying to learn some seo, and these two pictures are real eye opener for me, a super good topline review about the whole seo world. Thumbs up!

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